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New Ultra .308

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The ULTRA .308 and .338 are the new chassis systems introduced by Rangemaster Precision Arms Limited. They incorporate the latest CNC machining techniques using Mil Grade Aluminium (7075).

The essential difference of this chassis is that it has been designed to ensure that all recoil is in a direct line from muzzle to the shoulder of the firer. Not only does this ensure greater accuracy (as all Target competition rifles incorporate exactly this feature) but also in the case of the .338, a much minimised recoil. Over a series of many shots, this diminution of recoil is a significant factor not only for accuracy but also usability.

This chassis system has a folding butt stock. It incorporates our new hardened steel hinge.

It also incorporates our new picatinny rail system. In a world where weight is of supreme importance, we do not think that it is appropriate to have any picatinny rail system where it cannot be useful. An examination of most tactical rifles on the market demonstrates that the rail is under a large portion of the scope, and doing nothing but increasing the load of the shooter for no good reason. Our picatinny rails can be fitted exactly where they need to be, and nowhere else.