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RPA Ranger Target Rifle

Ranger Target Rifle Brochure (4.47Mb PDF)

A high performance Target Rifle manufactured from RPA’s world beating products, designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike. At the heart of RPA Range Target Rifle is a RPA Quadlite® action, renowned for accuracy, durability and safety. Available in a true left hand configuration (custom option).

RPA Ranger Target Rifle

The RPA Ranger offers an alternate target rifle design and will satisfy those shooters who prefer a

lighter and more traditionally styled rifle. The heart of the RPA Ranger® is the RPA 4-lug

Quadlite® action. The stock comes fitted with an adjustable cheek piece with length of pull

adjustment by removable spacers. Available in your choice of colour.

Rear sight fitment is via a sight mounting bracket (supplied). The action is

drilled & tapped to accept a scope rail.

Crafted Precision

Action and bolt coatings are extremely hard wearing, corrosion resistant and have a

very low coefficient of friction; wear is therefore greatly reduced.

Triggers are fully adjustable and easily maintained. RPA Target Rifles feature a two

stage trigger operation with a pull weight factory set at 1.5Kg. An extremely fast lock

time (time from trigger pull to detonation) is 1.5 milli-seconds. This further improves

accuracy when shooting at long range.

Super match quality barrel chambered to internationally recognised specification. The barrel is turned with a spigot at the muzzle to accept RPA Trakker® front sights.

Safety & Engineering

Safety is a major factor with RPA rifles, the receiver and bolt is produced from solid

billet of high tensile steel, there are no internal components to work loose and cause injury to the rifle operator.

Elite Target Rifle Technical Specifications

Calibre 308 Winchester
Barrel length 30″ (762mm)
Twist rate 1 turn in 13″ (1 turn in 330mm)
Overall length 49″ (1242mm)
Weight 11.25 lb (5.1 Kg)
Scope mount base Option
Sling attachment points Forend rail

Ranger Target Rifle Accessories

  • Magnetic removable cheek piece
  • Forend rail
  • 3 way butt plate
  • RPA Trakker ladder fore sight
  • RPA Trakker ladder rear sight
  • RPA Trakker fixed height fore sight
  • Picatinny scope rail